• Don't Pick Up The Phone

    Don’t Pick Up The Phone

    Production Company: Wag Entertainment Broadcaster: Netflix (Excluding UK) and Paramount+ (UK) Episodes: 3 (various lengths) Three […]

  • Devil Among Us

    Devil Among Us

    Production Company: October Films Broadcaster: Discovery+ Episodes: 8×60 (of which there were three, two-parters) A brutal […]

  • Dying for Revenge

    Dying for Revenge

    Production Company: Wag Entertainment Broadcaster: Channel 5 (and distributor Fifth Season) Episodes: 8×60 Shocking stories of […]

  • Badger and the Blitz title card

    Badger and The Blitz

    Production Company: ROXO Broadcaster: FunKids / Podcast channels Funded by: Audio Content Fund Episodes: 11 x […]

  • Tennessee Private Investigator, Heather Cohen

    Secrets Lies and Private Eyes

    Production Company: October Films Broadcaster: Discovery+ Episodes: 6×60 Four female-led private investigation agencies open their doors […]

  • A lone woman drives anxiously. Lighting bokeh reflects in the windscreen.

    Highway To Hell

    On America’s highways, innocent journeys become deadly trips in this true crime mini-series.

  • Sticky


    Lost in fantasy, Karen’s crush on the postman is about to get sticky. A suburban tale of lust, parcels and chewing gum.

  • Forbidden: The Sergeant and the Schoolgirl

    Forbidden: The Sergeant and the Schoolgirl

    A forbidden affair with her recruiter risks schoolgirl Michelle’s career in the Army, and her future itself.

  • Upload Hero

    Upload Hero

    Zach dreams of fame and fortune as a vlogger. But a tempting competition has sinister connections that threaten to uncover his secrets.

  • Obsession: Campaign Trail Of Fears

    Obsession: Campaign Trail of Fears

    Kathleen’s husband – Bob is running for Senate in Texas. When they hire a private aircraft to take them on the campaign trail, the pilot, Tom Humphrey, becomes increasingly obsessed with Kathleen.

  • Obsession: Evimer

    Obsession: Beauty In The Bronx

    Ramon is muscular, good looking and charming too. For 20 year old trainee pharmacist Evimer, it is an irresistible combination.

  • 3 Bad Dates

    3 Bad Dates, 1 Soulmate

    Two women recount their three worst dates, but can you guess who they ended up with?

  • Mingmong

    Falling in love can sometimes tear friendships apart…

  • Strings


    When his son’s game causes him to stumble upon the truth, Dean realises their relationship can never be the same again.

  • Love The Way You Lie

    Love The Way You Lie

    A new drama-doc series for Discovery featuring murder cases told from both sides.

  • Incredibly Small World

    Incredibly Small World

    A ground-breaking documentary series that celebrates little people the world over.

  • Darklight


    Award-winning psychological thriller directed, co-written and co-produced by me.

  • Locked Up Abroad

    Locked Up Abroad

    The dramatic story of the kidnap and eventual rescue of American contractor Roy Hallums in Iraq.

  • Angel Features

    Angel Features

    Angel Features featuring performance poet Toby Thompson

  • Andy’s Big Splash

    Andy’s Big Splash

    Andy Akinwolere taking on the biggest challenge of his life – to swim across the deepest ocean on Earth.

  • Tokyo


    Self-shot, self-edited music promo for one of London’s biggest function bands

  • Fee Fi Fo Yum

    Fee Fi Fo Yum

    A selection of spoof adverts for a comedy game show.

  • Caught In The Web

    Caught In The Web

    LostPrincess finds out that not everyone online is who they say they are. BAFTA nominated.

  • Whose Side Are You On?

    Whose Side Are You On?

    Short factual drama featuring five celebrities who persuade a boy to stick up for his mate.

  • Joel’s Journey

    Joel’s Journey

    A special film for Holocaust Memorial Day featuring the story of an Auschwitz survivor. Shortlisted for BAFTA.

  • Crimewatch


    Drama reconstruction for long running BBC crime show, Crimewatch.

  • Be Your Own Boss

    Be Your Own Boss

    Innocent Smoothies founder Richard Reed, invests up to a million in startup businesses.