Badger and The Blitz

Production Company: ROXO
Broadcaster: FunKids / Podcast channels
Funded by: Audio Content Fund
Episodes: 11 x 8-11 minutes (TRT 90’00)

Following the death of his mother, Jack latches on to an abandoned puppy brought home by his fireman father. He names her Badger; and the two become inseparable. Three years on, and as 1939 draws to a close, London is hammered by the ‘Blitz’ laying much of the city to waste. The bombs are one thing but when 11-year-old Jack discovers the real-life heart-breaking fate for pets like his best friend, Badger, he arrives just in time to save her, and the pair go on the run.

Caught in an air raid they seek shelter, leading to a chance encounter with former blues singer, Josie Deprice. With Badger in tow, the pair go in search of a Duchess – known to her friends as Nina – a real-life aristocrat with a mission: to save Britain’s pets. Without her, Badger’s story might never have been heard and this four-legged heroine with a waggy tail would likely have succumbed as just another casualty of war.

Before long, Badger is enlisted to the search and rescue corps. But when Jack is evacuated to the country the homesickness bites – and a letter from home drives him on a cross-country mission to be reunited with Badger; arriving in time to witness her most heroic moment.

A story of love and hope, inspired by the real-life events of WW2. 
A moving family story filled with love, hope and adventure connecting with audiences of all ages. Narrated by Kerry Godliman and praised by the Guardian.

Clips: First is the trailer for BATB the second is a 15 minute compilation of best bits.

Listen to the whole series here: Badger and the Blitz