Devil Among Us

Production Company: October Films
Broadcaster: Discovery+
Episodes: 8×60 (of which there were three, two-parters)

A brutal attack seems isolated, but investigators soon discover it’s only the tip of an iceberg. Acts of revenge, serial killings and twisted webs of deceit leave communities in fear as revelations stack up to reveal these real-life devils in disguise. Originally commissioned as a 6×60 this series was mid-way through being filmed when the pandemic hit. Unable to film our final episode at one time it looked like we wouldn’t be able to deliver the full series, but through hard work and some great archive, we were able to expand three of our stories into two-parters meaning we could increase the order to 8×60. Our drama recon had to be paired right back and was shot remotely by DOPs working on their own. Despite everything, we discovered some incredible stories and produced a series with real cinematic value. Our title music was even nominated for an RTS award! As well as Series-Producing, I also directed two of the five stories.

The clip above includes chunks of my favourite episode about the serial killer Philip Jablonski.