Don’t Pick Up The Phone

Production Company: Wag Entertainment
Broadcaster: Netflix (Excluding UK) and Paramount+ (UK)
Episodes: 3 (various lengths)

Three episode series telling the incredible and disturbing true story of a hoax caller who convinced managers to strip-search employees at fast food businesses across the United States.

A series I’m incredibly proud of – not least because of the hard work involved in tracing the survivors of these horrifying crimes. A huge undertaking from a production and compliance perspective that involved very careful navigation and storytelling. This was one of those projects that was a real team effort – and by a very small and dedicated team too.

As well as great access brokered by the UK team, the shoot took place in three blocks across the USA. With the US-based director leading the first episode through the edit, the Producer and I delivered eps 2/3. Key in this story were the drama visuals, and to complement the material shot in the USA, I led (and directed much of) the recreations that we filmed with a dedicated drama unit here in the UK.