Dying for Revenge

Production Company: Wag Entertainment
Broadcaster: Channel 5 (and distributor Fifth Season)
Episodes: 8×60

Shocking stories of British crimes committed as acts of revenge. From a worker humiliated by a colleague to a woman facing ruin when an ex-partner sells their home, the trigger events are different, but the consequences are the same: being wronged leads to murder. Illustrated with evocative drama reconstruction, location filming and archive, each story is told through interviews with family and friends, insights from detectives who solved each case, and analysis from expert criminologists.

This series was made on a super-tight budget – but despite that, we created eight highly visual episodes around some harrowing stories. All self shot by our team of PDs (with some pickups shot by me). As well as series-producing and running the story-finding, I also directed the drama-visuals – themselves made on an absolute shoe-string. This tapped into all those skills I’d learned making short films in the past!

Clips above: First is the pre-site tease to give a flavour of the series, second are some selects of from some pickups I shot for one episode.